Explore Abu Dhabi’s Culture

Abu Dhabi takes pride in its abundant society and also heritage that have actually made it through over the centuries. It includes many lifestyle skills, conventional sporting activities and use of natural deposits to enhance one’s standard of living. Considering that, propagating the exceptionally rich cultural heritage constructs a bridge of interaction and mutual understanding; Abu Dhabi has committed itself to conserving the typical art & culture of UAE.

  • Typical Dance *.

The ayallah is one of the standard dancing’s of UAE in which male entertainers establish a fight scene with sticks and also swords. Drummers and also women professional dancers support them to victory with music beats on traditional instruments such as the oud. Harbiyah is another prominent dancing of UAE in which males face each other to indicate triumph.

  • Henna *.

Henna is an Arabic tattoo design made from the fallen leaves of henna tree. The fallen leaves are dried, ground and afterwards combined with water to develop a paste. This paste is simply put on the hands and feet in large, floral patterns making a beautiful, Arabic henna design. When the dried out paste falls off, it leaves behind a magnificent, red-dyed colour on the hands and also feet. Henna tattooing is pain-free and the colour washes off in a week.

  • Arabic Coffee *.

Arabic Coffee truly symbolizes the essence of United Arab Emirates in its fragrance and flavor. Drinking on coffee in Arabia is unique due to the fact that it is offered in a particular special coffee pot with a long spout as well as the coffee have no take care of. The coffee is highlighted with newly ground cardamoms to increase the fragrance and also sweeten the preference.

  • Handicrafts *.

Typical handicrafts show the abundant, cultural heritage of UAE. Weaving clothes as well as carpeting’s was a practice every female made use of to adhere to in a standard Arab home. Today, visitors could get an insight into the artisanship legacy at The Heritage Village as well as Cultural Foundation where Abu Dhabi’s origins have been recreated to see local artisans practice old traditional abilities.

  • Falconry *.

Falcons were an essential part of desert culture, utilized by the Bedouin sheikhs to pursue small pets such as gazelles, hares as well as birds. After makeover of UAE, publish the oil discovery period, falconry is now practiced totally for sport. To shield the bird species as well as keep them off the endangered listing, unique reproduction programs are occupied in UAE. Tourists could obtain a close appearance of these falcons at the Abu Dhabi Falcon Health center in the United Arab Emirates and also hear tales concerning their power, poise as well as elegance.

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